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● Appropriate and interesting title

● Introduction that

○ States the policy question

○ Explains the significance of the question

○ Names the participants and their positions on the policy

○ Explains the process for the paper

● Background / literature review that

○ Explains the problem from variety of perspectives (science, economics, politics)

○ Reviews existing research on the problem

○ Explains the relevant economic theory for understanding the problem

● Data section that provides relevant economic and scientific data to illustrate the problem

● Policy analysis section that

○ Describes possible policy options

○ Discusses benefits and costs of each option (including who is helped / harmed by

the policy)

○ Explains political, scientific or economic barriers to resolving the problem

(including lack of information)

● Conclusion that summarizes key policy question, major views on policy options, and

your preferred policy option (if you have one).

● Bibliography in Chicago author/date format

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