writing an email.

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I have got in maths a d grade and i have 50 points for a C grade.

I have worked hard enough and put in more effort than physics class which i failed.

I need an email explaining to my professor my situation. i have told him about my scholarship and gpa

I have sent him an email explaining it to him all of that an he replied that i cant take the class because i havent got the knowledge, and he told me to repeat the class, I have sent him 2 emails explaining.

I need you to write me an email saying that today is the last day to add and drop new classes and i wish to take the next maths class and i really have puuten the effort and i dont want to be behind as well as i had unqiue stituation different than others because i felt sick this semester. And that would me the final email. I would like him to push me to a C grade. explaining everything and summarizing previous information.


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