writing a research

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I need your support to write a research (proposal attached)

need to make word file and ppt(20 slides)

and will attach excel data sheet and the questionnaire

it shouldn’t be full perfect

5000 word at least

the requirements are as the following:


. Key Words:

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Research question

1.2 Research objectives

2.0 Theorical background and Hypothesis Development

2.1. Variable 1 definition (……………. )

2.2. Variable 2 definition (…………..)

2.3. Variable 3 definition (………………)

2.4. Variable 4 definition (………………)

2.5. Variable 5 definition (………………)

2.6. Hypothesis development

Figure1: conceptual model

Research methodology

3.1 Data collection and sample

3.2 Measures

3.3 Data analysis

Table 1

Summary of measurement items

Structure Equation Model

Figure 2: Structural Equation Model Results

3.0 Data Analysis and Results

Two types of analysis

1. Descriptive Analysis:

All the 8 Demographic Profiles questions (Mean, Median, Mode, SD, Frequency, Pie chart, Histogram, Bar Chart, Line chart, trend/pattern analysis)

2. Regression Analysis:

A. Model Summary

B. ANOVA Table

C. Coefficients

use spss or smart pls

3.1 The assessment of the measurement model

3.2 Testing of the structural model

4.0 Discussion, Conclusion, Limitations and Future Research

References 15 at least (APA STYLE)

need to analyze Demographic data then add the Demographic table at the end of report

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