Write an essay about business policy

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Need to write an essay for business policy class. There are two parts in this essay, you need to write the Part I first and should be 22 pages. The Part II I will open the new question for you to continue.

You need to read the requirement and project outline which I uploaded. For the first requirement show you that you need to choose the company first, and there are a lot of companies you cannot choose. I choose the company called “Dyson”, it is is a British technology company and they are designs and manufactures household appliances. If you can find better company, let me know first before you start to write this essay. If you cannot find one, please use “Dyson”.

The second requirement is “project outline”, you don’t need to write every points on the list, but please write those points as much as you can, and please highline those point which you choose.

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