William Shakespeare

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1. This week, you will write a 2-page minimum (not including the reference page), single spaced, formal outline of your paper. Your outline should include at least three levels of subordination (main ideas, sub-topics, details) and include direct quotes (in quotation marks) followed by in-text citations from each source integrated into the outline. The APA References page should also be included as the last page of the outline. You may also include in-direct quotes (paraphrases) from each of your sources, but remember to include an APA in-text citation. The formal outline will be graded on length, content/support from your sources, the inclusion of a reference page, and formatting.

2. This week, you will write your rough draft of your final research paper. You do NOT need to submit your rough draft to the instructor this week, but you do need to submit the rough draft to Smarthinking for free tutoring. For this assignment, you simply need to copy/paste the conformation page or email that you received from Smarthinking in to an MS Word document, and submit it to the drop box with the document title, Smarthinking, to demonstrating that you did, in fact, submit your rough draft for review.


For the Final Research Paper Topic Proposal, I would like to proceed with the topic: A character study on one character, Richard. This serves as a favorable topic to evaluate and provide an analysis on since Richard is the main character in the section clearly showing his transition from when he becomes the king of England to when he is overthrown and finally assassinated. He is the clear indicator of the change that England is experiencing as Gaunt explains, from a peaceful and a royal country to a treacherous and a cruel one. In his reign, there are various negativities in leadership and govern ship of the country which results in its down fall, but finally, after being overthrown, he regrets his actions.

The Tragedy of King Richard II is a clear indicator of the present characters of Richard I his position as a king. Additionally, several interactions with people like Gaunt and the gardeners clearly depict his state of leadership and the state in which the country is in under his reign. The two seem to oppose his type of governorship and it is worthwhile exploring the reason why he acts this way, what has made him so cruel, how he changes when he is overthrown and his own views on his leadership. This makes the topic very worthwhile to analyze and explore.

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