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Using the Knowledge@Wharton site, select an article that represents a leader taking a calculated risk.

Take a moment to scroll through the articles to find one that piques your personal interest. Once you have finished reading your selected article, address the following:

  • Provide the title of the article you selected.
  • Provide responses to the following reflective questions:
    • What is your takeaway from the article?
    • Why did this interview resonate with you personally?
    • How can you apply what you have learned from the article to your professional and personal life in terms of the five practices?

*Choose any article. The paper is in APA format and can be 1-2 pages long. For QUESTION: HOW CAN YOU APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM THE ARTICLE TO YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL LIFE IN TERMS OF FIVE PRACTICE. Use these five practices below for the paper. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me.

Model the way

Inspire a shared vision

Challenge the process

Enable others to act

Encourage the heart

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