What types of laws governed the people of the Renaissance? What types of punishments could they expe

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ASSIGNMENT: 1) Read my lecture below; 2) Using Google, do the research to which you are assigned below; 3) Using the form below, please give me an overview of what you’ve learned about your topic. A paragraph will be fine. However, DO NOT JUST COPY FROM YOUR RESEARCH! It is important to me that you express what you’ve learned in YOUR OWN WORDS. And be sure to offer/share your opinion/reactions. See grading rubrics on the home page for grading criteria and expectations.

Topic 5: Elizabethan Laws (Do this topic if the first letter of your last name begins with S through Z)

  • What types of laws governed the people of the Renaissance?
  • What types of punishments could they expect?
  • What Elizabethan laws had relevance to the theater and actors?

Life During The Renaissance

The English Renaissance occurred during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I who ruled for 45 years from 1558 to 1603. Thus, this period is called the Elizabethan era. After this, King James ruled (the Jacobean period). Shakespeare lived from 1564 to 1616 in this period of rich development of European culture that marked the end of the Middle Ages. In Shakespeare: A to Z, Charles Boyce describes the Renaissance as follows:

Characterized by humanism, which proposed a focus on human nature and individual expression in art and literature, the Renaissance was sparked by an enthusiasm for the newly rediscovered cultural worlds of classical Greece and Rome. The period saw extraordinary developments in more mundane areas as well, as secular governments emerged from the dominance of the medieval church, the modern commercial world of banks and debt-financed expansion arose, and Europe’s expansion into the New World and Asia began. Printing magnified all these effects by permitting an unprecedented diffusion of ideas…The grandest accomplishments of the English Renaissance were in literature, especially in poetry and Elizabethan Drama.

This assignment is intended to familiarize you with the times in which Shakespeare lived, wrote, acted and directed. I’ve assigned each of you to a topic to research. Please use Google or your favorite search engine to do your research. I’ve given you some sample questions as a starting point. Please feel free to go beyond these questions to learn more about your topic area.

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