What kind of regulations should we have in place for school discipline?

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What do you think? What kind of regulations should we have in place for school discipline? How, if at all, do you think these rules will improve schooling? Please make sure to include at least two of the assigned readings in your response

“What do you think?” posts on Blackboard. Students are expected to write weekly posts of between 350-500 words on our class Blackboard site. These posts should express your thoughts and beliefs about the week’s topic, drawing on the assigned readings as a starting point. All posts are due by noon on Wednesdays. You are welcome to cite other sources and/or your own experiences in these posts, but you must also utilize at least two of the assigned readings. Because these are graded posts, please make sure to write in grammatically correct, complete sentences. A prompt for each week’s post appears in the course schedule below and will also appear on Blackboard. In order to encourage peer discussion, at least 4 of your posts (and as many as 6) should be directly responding to a classmate (as part of that person’s initial thread).

1. American Radio Works. “A Brief History of School Discipline.” http://www.americanradioworks.org/a-brief-history-…

2. Khadaroo, Stacy Teicher . “School suspensions: Does racial bias feed the school-to-prison pipeline?” Christian Science Monitor. March 31, 2013. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Education/2013/0331/S…

3. Steinberg, Matthew and Johanna Lacoe. “What Do We Know about School Discipline Reform? Assessing the Alternatives to Suspensions and Expulsions.” Education Next 17.1 (Winter 2017): 44-52. http://educationnext.org/files/ednext_xvii_1_stein…

4. Ujifusa, Andrew. “Betsy DeVos Revokes Obama Discipline Guidance Designed to Protect Students of Color.” Education Week (December 21, 2018). http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaign-k-12/2018/…

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