What is “planting the naysayer”?, English homework help

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Read the chapter, “Skeptics May Object: Planting the Naysayer in Your Text”

Part I: Respond to the following questions in your own words. Use complete sentences and
proofread. [Your combined response should be around 150 to 250 words].

  1. What is “planting the naysayer”?
  2. . What are three benefits of doing so? Explain.

Part II: Complete Exercise #1 on pages 86 to 87 of the chapter. Remember: you are planting the
naysayer and responding to it as Schlosser might. It is not necessary to do research on the his
topic to be able to do this effectively. [100 to 200 words]

(You do not need to re-type the whole excerpt. Just indicate where the paragraph(s) you have
written should be placed. For example: “The following paragraph is intended to be placed
between paragraph 1 and 2 of Schlosser’s original.”)

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