What are the qualities of a effective leader in a diverse organization valuable in a multicultural setting?

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Write a profile describing a leader in a diverse organization who you think is especially effective in a multicultural setting. Select someone you can research or know well enough to write about.

The profile should describe:

  • the leader—1 or 2 paragraphs on his or her background;
  • the organization—1 or 2 paragraphs on his or her organization; and
  • the philosophy—briefly describe the leader’s philosophy, then compare and contrast ideas from course readings to help you analyze the leader’s approach to his or her role.

Sample criteria: Four-page paper, excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page. Cite at least four academic sources – Follow APA style guidelines for the cover page, citations, and references page. The paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins with 12 pt. Times New Roman or 10 pt. Arial font.

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