week 5 disc21 Hospitals will be places for people who are very, very sick and need intensive attention that can’t be given in another environment, writing homework help

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Hospitals will be places for people who are very, very sick and need intensive attention that can’t be given in another environment.Hospitals will basically become intensive care units because medical technology will have advanced to the point where so many things can be done on the outside (Adamopoulos, 2013).

Remote monitoring: New technological applications for engaging, communicating with, and delivering care to patients will be “huge” over the next 15 years. As a result, providers will be able to serve more patients with existing resources.There will be more monitoring of chronic conditions through mobile apps, in which the patient provides information that feeds directly into our EHR system, which will be able to evaluate those data. If, say, a diabetic’s glucose levels are within a predetermined range, the information is just recorded for future reference. If the glucose levels are problematic, both caregiver and patient will get a message saying ‘We need to connect’. And, if something changes with a patient, we will be able to send her information that’s relevant to the new stage of her disease. Mobile care: In this new system, 10-15 years down the road, much more care will be delivered where the patient is—at home, at work or school, even traveling—using onsite and mobile clinics. Maybe a company that has a handful of salespeople with potential health risks has a regular regional sales meeting. We could see them all together on the same day by traveling with an optimized care team—a physician, a nurse, maybe a physician assistant—to that location. Home care will be used extensively to manage higher-risk populations, including big users of the emergency department (ED). Home care is the least expensive site of care, Newbold points out, and the place where people with their own support systems are most comfortable. We’ll use sensors and early warning systems—this person hasn’t taken her medications, that person is gaining too much weight—to trigger a phone call or a visit to head off a problem. That way, family or neighbors could be educated as well: If this happens, here’s what you do; if that happens, call this number” (Phillips, 2015).

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