Week 3 Euthanasia and Patient Self Advocacy Essay

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Week 3: Patient Self-Advocacy Position Paper  Assignment


When writing this position paper on Patient Self-Advocacy, you will choose one side of the argument

and use references and literature to defend your position and convince your reader that your opinion is

valid. It is important that you include information about both sides of the issue to prove you are well-informed about the issue. You are assigned the topic of Patient Self-Advocacy. I want you to think

about the following:

1. How much of a self-advocate should a patient be required to become?

2. Are there limits to patient advocacy?


You may use any health-related topic, such as screening techniques, vaccines, death and dying, end-of-life care, etc. However, your topic must be specific and well-developed.

Look at the following when you choose your topic

? Is this an issue with controversy?

? Can you identify at least two positions and note them before?

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