Ways political scientist attempts (etc)

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Discuss how political scientists attempt to quantify data, manipulate data statistically, and attempt to validate hypotheses.

The reading this week discusses the role of political scientists and their attempts to treat the study of politics as a science. In these efforts, they build scholarship based on reason, balance, and supporting evidence, although much of this scholarship is based on theory.

This week we discuss how political scientist are different from politicians. In essence, during this class, we will be acting as political scientists, as our role will be to study political concepts and phenomena using evidence to support our arguments. Along with your textbook, here is an interesting article from our library that offers perfect illustration of how scientists use evidence and empirical data to argue their case.
Kriner and Reeves (2014) examine the role of interest groups such as AARP, socioeconomic status (income levels) of voters, race, and political parties in the health care debate during the Clinton and Obama administrations. However, the authors use the individual-level data from various polls, to argue that the most important measure of support for healthcare policy is an individual’s support for the president and his plan.
Using your research and the textbook (Roskin, Cord, Medeiros, & Jones, 2014), respond to the discussion question.
Remember to use an outside resource in the main post (250 words), which needs to be on or before Wednesday. Make sure to review the discussion rubric as a reference when you are writing your discussion posts. If you have any questions, please post in Q&A forum, or email me. Let’s get started

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