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This week you’ve had an opportunity to sample some of the historical literature and you viewed video clips that draw connections between the past to our contemporary world. Now it is your turn to add a brief narrative to the historical record. You may model your story after the kind of stories you heard on StoryCorps or you may use one of your readings as a model. Write a short narrative (no more than 2 paragraphs) which tells your story of a significant event (possibly revolving around a historical event); it should be a story about an event that had an impact on your life (professional, educational, spiritual, etc.) – a story that you feel comfortable sharing with the class.

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In this week’s reading we have the towering hero Abraham Lincoln and the notorious Nazi Adolf Eichmann (in Arendt’s piece). In other words, we have a near saint and a near devil. Think of who appears in the historical record, and then answer the following questions:

  • Who gets left out of the historical narrative and why? Explain.
  • Does this mean, in your opinion, that history is not the same as truth? Explain your answer.…

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