TRINITY VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING PEDIATRIC ASSESSMENT – LEVEL II & TRANSITION Student Name: ________________________________ Course: _________________ Patient’s Initials:

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TRINITY VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING PEDIATRIC ASSESSMENT – LEVEL II & TRANSITION Student Name: ________________________________ Course: _________________ Patient’s Initials: ____Age: _____ Sex: _______ Date of Contact: ________________ (You may not use your own child or grandchild.) Human Development – Growth & Development Component Area Textbook – What isExpected for Age Client – What Client Demonstrated (Do not copy what was in textbook – give examples) Gross motor Fine motor Language Socialization Cognition Sensory – Vision Sensory – Auditory Sensory – Tactile Sensory – Taste Sensory – Smell Reference: Summary of Analysis: I. Human Development – Growth Charts Instructions: Measure client’s height and weight Calculate client’s BMI (if over 2 years old) Download 3 growth charts from CDC Height for age Weight for age BMI if over 2 (use weight for stature chart if under 2) Graph client information on the growth chart and submit. Do not submit computer generated results Analyze results and write summary – include description of percentiles for each chart Client Height: Client Weight: Client BMI: Include a copy of the completed growth charts with your submission. Summary of analysis of results: I. Human Development – Erickson Stages of Development Major developmental task (what vs. what): Is child meeting or not meeting task? I. Human Development – Play Activities Instructions: Identify at least 5 play activities and at least 5 toys appropriate for this age child. Play activities Toys Reference: II. Perfusion, Gas Exchange & Thermoregulation – Vital Signs Age Appropriate Client’s Results Pulse Respirations Temperature Blood Pressure Reference: Summary of analysis of results: III. Interpersonal Relationships Instructions: Describe the following observed interactions (Must be at least 3 sentences each – describe interactions – not relationship): Between child and primary caregiver Between primary caregiver and the nursing student Between child and the nursing student IV. Nutrition Instructions: Ask primary caregiver to describe average nutritional intake for child for a day or ask them to write down intake for a typical day (including amounts). Go to and from the My Plate Plan find out the recommended number calories and then number of servings in each food group for this age child. If possible, download app, enter daily intake and print the analysis. If not possible, in the table below, determine the difference between the actual intake and the recommended intake. For both #4 and #5, write an analysis of the nutritional intake along with recommendations. 24 Hour Recall Time List food and drink consumed (including approximate amounts) Breakfast: Snacks: Lunch: Snacks: Dinner: Snacks: 24 Hour Analysis of Food Groups Total # Servings Recommended for this age child per day # Servings Patient Consumed from 24 hour recall Grains Proteins Fruits Vegetables Dairy Reference: Analysis of results and recommendations: V. Immunity Recommended Immunizations (Use Texas website) Recommended ages for child to receive immunizations to current age. Client’s age when immunization was actually received (not date) Hepatitis B Rotavirus Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus Haemophilus influenza type B Pneumococcal Inactivated Polio Measles, Mumps, Rubella Varicella Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Reference (Use current Texas website and not textbook): Summary of analysis of results: Knowledge of Immunizations: MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) What are the side effects of the MMR vaccine? What are the adverse effects of the MMR vaccine? Where would you give the MMR if your client were getting the MMR now? What would be a contraindication for giving this vaccine? What are the nursing implications/interventions for giving this vaccine? What teaching would you give the parents if you gave this vaccine? Discuss rationales you would give to the parents if they did not want to immunize their child because they believe that vaccines cause autism and what the consequences would be if the child does not get immunized. VI. Evidence-based Nursing Practice Instructions: Discuss one evidence-based nursing practice guideline related to health promotion of children this age. Include what the evidence shows. Discuss what the nurse’s role is in implementing this guideline. Evidence-based Nursing Practice Guideline: Reference: VII. Health Promotion Instructions: Identify at least 6 health promotion activities and safety precautions that would be appropriate for this age child Health Promotion Activities Reference: VIII. Safety Instructions: Identify at least 10 safety precautions that would be appropriate for this age child Safety Precautions Reference: N:SyllabusCBC CurriculumClinical II & Transition Pediatric Assessment Reviewed 03/21

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