Topic 5 dq 1 peer responses

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Answer to Two colleagues offering one or more additional interaction strategies in support of the examples/observations shared or by offering further insight to the thoughts shared about the future of these interactions. 

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Peer #1

Migdiala Troncoso

Professional Nursing Organizations

A growing number of healthcare professionals like nurses and other practitioners are willingly joining professional nursing organizations throughout the world owing to their surmounting usefulness. At a glance, PNO exist to promote health, safety, and wellness for all nurses in their respective healthcare facilities. In any case, the lobby on behalf of the healthcare professionals such as nurses and aspire to ensure holistic health care to people. Nursing requires high standards of professionalism to deliver quality care to patients. The focus of this paper is on how professional nursing organizations (PNO) support the field of nursing and how they advocate for nursing practice.

The organizations provide nurses with opportunities for professional development. For example, the American Nurses Association (ANA) provides nurses with opportunities to further their education and grow their careers. Professional nursing organizations also promote knowledge, quality, and competence (Porter-O’Grady, 2019). The organizations set standards for nurses to follow during their professional practice. Professional nursing organizations advocate for nursing practice by lobbying leaders to create an environment that allows nurses to work and deliver quality services to patients. They also advocate for nursing practice by informing leaders on the issues affecting nurses in their practice so that such issues can be addressed.

Value of PNO on Activism and Advocacy related to patient care

PNOs such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and American Nurses Association have included the role of the patient advocate in their code of ethics (Abbasinia et al., 2020). They ensure that patients receive quality care in safe environments. The organizations encourage nurses to provide good advocacy to patients so that patients can receive patient-centered care.

In conclusion, Professional nursing organizations play important roles in supporting nursing and promoting nursing practice. They also advocate on behalf of patients so that they can access quality care.


Abbasinia, M., Ahmadi, F., & Kazemnejad, A. (2020). Patient advocacy in nursing: A concept analysis. Nursing ethics27(1), 141-151.

Porter-O’Grady, T. (2019). Principles for sustaining shared/professional governance in nursing. Nursing Management50(1), 36-41.


Peer #2

Edita Badamasi Ebeta

Professional organizations are bodies that exists to advance a particular profession, support the interests of people working in that profession and serve the public good. The dictionary defines an advocate as someone who pleads the cause of another and that is what professional nursing organization do for nursing practice

Professional nursing organizations create a collective voice for nurses that is stronger and more likely to be heard, especially at the national, state, and local levels.

They encourage nurses to participate in organizational committees that make decisions and develop policies that impact nursing job responsibilities and practice.

They advocate for nursing practice by generating the energy, flow of ideas, and proactive work needed to maintain a healthy profession that advocates for the needs of its clients and the trust of society. They promote and encourage the use of evidence-based practice to its members and

nurses certified in their specialty will find that their nursing professional organization offer continuing education that is pertinent to their practice.

Professional nursing organizations also does the following for nurses and nursing profession:

Empower nurses to stay up to date on current practices, read what leaders in the field are saying, and get a glimpse at what other hospitals around the country are doing to innovate and advance patient care, provide resources, information, and opportunities to nurses that might not be available otherwise. Professional nursing organization play a critical role in developing resources to assist nurses with personal and professional development (Cline et al., 2019).

The professional nursing organization also has a strong value and impact on patient care as through the ANA, they advocate for patients in various ways, e.g., through documentation and analysis of patient outcomes and the promotion of accreditation and credentialing all of which serve to promote patient safety.

They ensure adequate numbers of well-educated nurses in most patient care areas (Coster et al., 2018).


Cline, D., Curtin, K., & Johnston, P. A. (2019). Professional organization membership. The benefits of increasing nursing participation. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing23(5), 543– 546.

Coster, S., Watkins, M., & Norman, I. (2018). What is the impact of professional nursing on patients’ outcomes globally? An overview of research evidence. International Journal of Nursing Studies78, 76-83.


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