this is a discussion post and codio project 1

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Functional uses of Python across different industry:

For this discussion, think about the bigger picture of Python’s uses and how it serves a broader, multifunctional role. For your main post, select one of the industries from the list below and provide a summary of how Python’s functions are used in the operations of that industry. You are encouraged to use examples in support of your summary.

  • Education
  • Web and Internet Businesses
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Hospitality/Service

2. Log in to Codio to complete the following activities, which in total represent approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of hands-on work (These times are approximate and everyone’s experience may vary, please plan accordingly and try to start earlier in the week):


  • 0 to N
  • N to 0
  • N to 0 or -N to 0
  • Times table
  • Factorial
  • Squared
  • X to the Y
  • Fibonacci

Remember, if you respond incorrectly to a challenge activity, you can use the “show/hide section” list in the drop-down menu in Codio to access the content that led up to the challenge and complete the activity correctly.

3. This first artifact will address basic data types and decision-making control structures (branched and while loops). Review the Final Project Script One Draft Guidelines and Rubric document for additional details to complete this assignment. The starter file for this assignment can be accessed in Codio.

Review the following Codio videos for further assistance with this assignment:

  • Video: Rental Car– Demonstration of key programming concepts you will use to write the final project Rental Car script. The video also demonstrates how to get started typing this script in Codio.
  • Video: HELP– This video demonstrates how to get HELP with error messages and how to troubleshoot errors with your code in Codio


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