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Summative Assessment – Balanced Literacy Lesson Plan

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As you found in Week
Four, there are many variations of balanced literacy. The main
consistencies are that balanced literacy includes reading, writing,
listening, and speaking. In addition, the main blocks of balanced
literacy are known as Read-Aloud/Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Word
Study, and Independent Reading.

  1. For your final
    assignment, you will create a balanced literacy lesson plan for grades
    pre-K to third. In a 10- to 12-page paper (not including title and
    reference pages) written in APA style, include the following components:
    Grade Level (pick a grade from pre-K to third)
  2. Anchor Standard
  3. Text—include author/illustrator, title, brief summary
  4. Complete
    this chart. Make sure all your activities support each other and align
    with the anchor standard. See below for guidance/prompts. (Will be attached in Week 5 doc)
  5. Explain how reading, writing, listening, and speaking are promoted in your lesson plan. (All four should be featured in each block.)
  6. Describe how your activities support the anchor standard.
  7. Describe your assessments. How do these assessments evaluate students’ reading skills and/or progress?
  8. Discuss the benefits of teaching from a balanced literacy approach.

Below are some prompts to help you plan your balanced literacy blocks:

(Will be attached in Week 5 doc)

Source: Adapted from: Literacy Model.pdf

As you have noticed, this final assignment pulls various tasks from the
course. You may use your previous assignments from this course, but
make sure to revise appropriately to ensure alignment and flow. You need
to make sure that you include reading, writing, listening, and speaking
in each block. You also need to make sure that all your activities in
each block support the anchor standard and, that together, all the
activities make sense. Include all instructional materials, including
handouts, word cards, manipulatives, etc. Be as detailed and specific as
possible. You want to include scripts and procedures. Pretend that you
are writing lesson plans for a substitute teacher.

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