summary chapter 12 and 13 of criminal investigation the art and the science book and choice two of these questions

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1. summary chapter 12 and 13 one page for each one.

2.Choice only one question from chapter 10 and 11 also for each questions one page

Chapter Twelve:

1. List and discuss the three types of missing persons cases discussed in this chapter.

2. Explain how the internet is being used to facilitate child abductions today.

3. What is Code Adam and what are the six basic steps in the program?

Chapter Thirteen:

1. Discuss the three types of child maltreatment and how they differ.

2. How have society’s views of child maltreatment changed over the years?

3. Describe some of the physical indications of child abuse.

The total will be 4 pages dose not need to be in APA format.

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