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please see the attached document and work on them.

If the question requires computation, do the calculations and then give or select the correct values using the following rule:

Keep at least 4 decimal places at intermediate steps of a calculation, and round your final answer to 2 decimal places, unless otherwise noted.

For example:

(67.3 ÷ 3.456) ÷ 2 x 15 = (19.4734) ÷ 2 x 15 = 9.7367 x 15 = 146.0505, this is the final answer so round to two decimal places to get 146.05.

final calculated value of 16.6667 would become 16.67 after rounding

14.3112 would become 14.31

26.8973 would become 26.90

4.6251 would become 4.63 (In contrast to what Howell says, always round up with a value of 5 even if it produces an odd rather than an even final number as in this example.)

Failure to follow this rule, like misspellings, could lead to automated scoring errors.

(In the course notes for Module 7, probabilities such .678934 are instead rounded to four decimal places, so the correct way to report the aforementioned probability is .6789. You do not need to add zeros to fill four decimal places, e.g., do not change .25 to .2500)

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