Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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For each campaign you should show the following:

* Business objective that will be met and why

* Audience targeted and why

* Overall value message (What will the campaign convey in a broad sense)

*The type of content you will use on the specific platforms and why

* How you plan to measure success

Each campaign should be at least 1 page in length. Be creative and clever.

1. Create a campaign for Big Truck Tacos ( On SnapChat.

2. Create a campaign for Francesca’s ( On Twitter

3. Create a campaign for Buttersweet Cakes ( On Instagram

This is a sample of how you should write:

Check the attachment please to find out the exact way in how to write, and please on each campaign you should follow the 5 questions on the top

1 page for each campaign so the total is 3 pages with APA format and make sure to have the citation page if you use outside sources.


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