Social Issue

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Option 1: Immigration Issue- Assignment Outline .

Currently in Texas, we are experiencing an unprecedented number of undocumented, unaccompanied youth (sometimes referred to as ‘unaccompanied minors’). This has become a controversial issue politically and socially


Briefly describe what the current political and social issues are in Texas regarding the arrival of undocumented youth. [Note: You must cite at least two credible sources of information in this section, and cite those sources in an attached References section, too…in 6th edition APA format].


Explore your opinions and biases about this specific immigration issue.

What has shaped your biases and opinions within the systems that you are a part of?

In your opinion, what is the main reason undocumented youth to come to Texas?

CROSS-CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE **View the film HERE, then complete the last two sections of your paper, below.

Briefly describe a synopsis of the film.

Discuss something you learned from the film that you did not know before.

Which person or scene in the film did you have the strongest emotional reaction to? Explain.

What was the cause of that reaction?


Did your self-exploration, new knowledge and information/stories from the film ‘Which Way Home?’ impact your original opinions/biases about the political and social issues regarding undocumented youth entering Texas? Explain.

From a systems theory perspective, what do you think should be done (specific interventions, services, programs, policies, etc) to address the issue of undocumented youth in Texas?

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