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PSY-530 Social and Cultural Psychology

Final Exam


1)Choose four of the sixteen essay questions. Write a complete, integrative essay response, supporting your answers with examples from the lectures and textbook. Your responses should be approximately 300-500 words for each question. Website sources are not acceptable as supporting references for the exam. Please give the questions with your answers.

2)Be sure to number and add the questions that you chose, and provide applicable references at the end of each question. APA formatting of citations and references is required, as is solid academic writing.

3)Submit a single document of the completed exam to the instructor.

4)Late exams will not be accepted.

1.Differentiate the subfield of social psychology from the fields of psychology, sociology, and from the subfields of personality psychology and clinical psychology. In addition, explain the current trends in social psychological research.

2.Explain the important differences between non-experimental methods and the experimental method. Discuss the role that causation and correlation play in research and especially when selecting a research design.

3.Distinguish cognitive biases in social cognition from motivational biases and explain how attributions may be modified.

4.Choose five TV commercials. Describe the commercials; identify and analyze the persuasive techniques (not the theories of persuasion) used in their attempt to change a consumer’s attitude.

5.Explain the cognitive dissonance theory and discuss three theoretical alternatives to it.

6.Using Allport’s contact theory, brainstorm ways to implement this theory to reduce prejudice.

7.Using the theories and writings of Asch, Sherif, Freedman and Fraser, Cialdini, and Milgram, differentiate the concepts of conformity, compliance, and obedience (be sure to distinguish normative from informational influence, as well).

8.Discuss the factors that promote and sustain intimate interpersonal relationships. Identify two theories that explain why one may initiate, maintain, or end a relationship.

9.Discuss how groups can affect individuals’ behaviors by analyzing the research on a) social facilitation, b) social loafing, c) deindividuation, and d) group polarization.

10.Discuss how helping is affected by a) moods (both good and bad), b) empathy, and c) the presence of bystanders.

11.Does watching violent media increase the chance of behaving aggressively? Consider how the frustration-aggression hypothesis and the social learning model would answer this question.

12.Explain how health is affected by a) life changes, b) attributional style, and c) social support.

13.Discuss some of the problems with our legal system from the perspective of a social psychologist, including a) the lineup, b) polygraph testing, c) confessions, and d) eyewitness testimony.

14.Explain the relationship between a) religion and health and b) religion and morality.

15.Explain how happiness (subjective well-being) is affected by a) social relationships, b) work, c) leisure, and d) personality factors.

16.To what extent does culture affect the type of violence one observes in a society?

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