Should the Federal Gov’t mandate paid sick leave?

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Mandated Paid Sick Leave

Chapter 10 provides an excellent overview of the Family and Medical Leave Act. The text explains who is covered, and what rights employees have under this federal statute. Under the defined circumstances employees are permitted to take unpaid time off to deal with specific medical situations.

Also included in the chapter are some very brief comments about the concept of paid family leave.

There is no current federal statute that requires employers to provide a paid family sick leave benefit to employees. However, there are several states and cities that have mandated paid sick time for some employees.

The assignment:

Should the federal government mandate paid sick leave for all employees?

Why or why not?

Important – There are several “social” issues involved with the concept of paid family sick leave. Arguments such as – the U.S. is one of the few advanced nations not providing this benefit, paid sick leave is a good thing for employees, paid sick leave is a benefit for single/working parents, etc. Do not use these types of arguments.

For the purposes of this question focus your responses on data. Use business, financial, and data reasons to develop and to support your opinion.

For example – what impact has paid sick leave had on turnover, absenteeism, compensation costs, overtime costs, unemployment levels, etc. in locations where these plans have been mandated?

Use data to support your thoughts and your conclusions.

Include in your paper (at a minimum)

Where has this benefit (paid sick leave) been mandated?

States, cities, etc.

In those locations where paid sick leave is mandated, what impact did mandatory paid sick leave have on organizations that can be supported by data?

What additional costs have been incurred in the locations where the plan has been implemented? What savings? Use data to support your position.

What additional costs to business have been avoided in those locations where paid family leave has been mandated? Use data to support your position.

What is the main opposition to this type of benefit? What data supports this?

What is the primary argument favoring this type of benefit? What data supports this?

What is your personal opinion about this issue? Why?

Note: Let the data and information from your research drive your conclusion/decision on this issue – not social issues.

Research and list at least three sources.

Submit your response in paragraph form.

Your submission should be between 300 and 400 words.

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