Short Writing Assignment

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During the course of
the semester, you will be expected to submit at least three (3) short
writing assignments (750 – 1000 words) based on a current news article
(30 days or less since publication) that relates to class material – due
dates are listed below. You can use print and respectable online
news sources (i.e. Time, CNN, etc.). Each writing assignment is worth
50 points . The rubric used to evaluate your short writing assignments
as well as more detailed information about the writing assignment can be
found in this folder.

There are four due dates for SWAs. Only your three highest scores will count if you submit all four.

NOTE: When you write your papers,
they should be mostly about the connections between your news article
and course concepts. Your paper should NOT be a restatement of what is
in the news article. Focus on how the article relates to things we have
discussed or otherwise covered in class.

SWAs should not be a restatement of your news article. SWAs
should integrate items from the news article with concepts from class.
The point of the assignment is to find examples of how course concepts
are relevant to what is happening in the world today. The more ways
that you can link course concepts to your news article the better!

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