short report and short powerpoint slides for a business case study

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This assessment item consists of five parts. All parts are related to the problems of a single organisation and their solutions. You are required to submit answers to Turnitin for part 1- part 4 in a document file. The part 5 should be submitted as a multimedia file (WAV, MPEG, PPTX etc).

Assume, you work in a large organisation that owns or controls the production of goods or services in two or more cities other than its hometown. Your supervisor, the CEO of the organisation, has informed you about the communication problems in the organisation such as communication hampered by the distance between units, functional areas not collaborating, and the right information is not being sent to the right people.
You need to collect data (fictitious) related to the problem, organise the data and research on them, prepare a short report, let the employees know the outcome of your findings, propose a solution by introducing a new product or service or practice, and finally create a lucrative presentation to sell your solution.

Please use APA 6th Edition referencing style.
Specifically, you need to do the following 5 parts for the assessment item:

+ Part 1: Which data collection method you think the best suitable for this scenario. Describe the data collection method you may use to collect data related to the problem. Please also mention the advantages and risks of the method(s), and how you may avoid data-gathering errors?

+ Part 2: Prepare a report after your research on the data gathered. The report would be a short report in expanded letter format (please see examples from the textbook).

+ Part 3: You need to inform all employees by writing a message announcing the negative organisational news.

+ Part 4: You need to write a short proposal to the CEO to offer a solution to the problems. The proposal would be suggesting a solution using a service or a product to eradicate or minimise the existing problems in the organisation. Depending on what solution you are proposing, your proposal document may have different structure. However, your proposal should have at least the following: a title, executive summary, introduction (purpose and problem), discussion (the body of the proposal including suggested solution, technical description or tool or facility, schedules, costs etc), and conclusion or recommendation.

+ Part 5: You need to create a short presentation on the solution you are proposing. This will be presented in class in Week 11. The presentation should not be longer than 5 minutes. Your presentation will be for all employees working for the organisation.

Please note the expected length of each part:
Part 1 – part 4: 300-500 words
Part 5: max 5 minutes

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