Short Fiction Discussion and Quizzes

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Hello and welcome to Section 6: Fantasy and the Supernatural in Short Fiction

In this section you will be required to complete the following tasks:

1. Carefully read the stories and assignments outlined in The Readings folder. We will have quizzes and writing assignments based upon these assignments so take your time and take notes.

The Readings

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s biography and story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” p. 380
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne’s biography and story, “Young Goodman Brown,” pg. 405
  • Franz Kafka’s biography and story, “The Metamorphosis,” pg. 488 & 494
  • Shirley Jackson’s biography and story, “The Lottery,” pg. 430
  • Shirley Jackson, “The Morning of June 28, 1948 and “The Lottery”, pg. 919

Please also read the Author Highlights on Kafka and Hathorne.

2. Complete the quizzes (3) on the required readings.

IF YOU GET UNDER AN 85 ON ANY OF THEM I WILL REQUEST A REFUND. I will send you the login info once you accept the assignment.

3. Complete the writing assignment posted in the Section 6 Discussion Board.

In this section we have read stories that break with ‘reality’. While these stories may stand out from some of those that we have already covered this semester, we are surrounded by this style of fantastic storytelling in our society. One look at the movie box office will show a long list of stories that include elements that break with reality: vampires, super heroes, wizards, socerers, and all manner of imagined creatures, characters, and plots.

For the final assignment of this course, you will be asked to create a story of your own, and one of the choices you will have to make is whether you stick to ‘reality’, or launch into a brave new world.

For this week’s discussion board I would like you to consider not only the supernatural elements of the stories we have read, but the author’s reasons for doing so. Hopefully this analysis will help you in making your own decision in regards to this aspect of storytelling.

In this discussion board assignment, I would like you to select three of the stories we have read in this section and carefully summarize the fantastic or supernatural elements employed by the author. How do they breach from what we have come to know about reality? Once you have described these elements of the story, I would like you to carefully discuss what you think might be the author’s reasons for employing them. What does the author hope to gain by leaping into the world of the fantastic, and what do they risk losing? What are the benefits of using this style of storytelling and what might be the detriments?

Again, much of this assignment is to help you start to envision a story of your own and to start making stylistic decisions about what kind of story you would like to produce.

Remember to submit your assignment to the Pre Post Drop box to be checked for plagiarism prior to turning it in to the Discussion Board. You do not need to wait after submitting it to the drop box, simply submit it to the drop box, then to the discussion board.

4. You will have 1 day after the due date of the discussion board assignments to respond to at least two of your peers’ original posts. Please be thoughtful and thorough in your responses as you will be graded on these assignments.

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