September 29 2018

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1,250-word count minimum with three scholarly sources in APA format. The questions ask for your opinion – be sure and back up your opinion through critical thinking. It is expected that you will refer to two or three key concepts or principles you read about in each section. This is the best way for me to determine that you understand the assignment and can apply those principles to “solve” the case study.

1. What led the Walt Disney company to believe that its theme parks would be successful internationally?

2. What stumbling blocks did Disney encounter at its France and Hong Kong theme parks?

3. What are some of the factors complicating international expansion of a brand like Disney? What can a multinational corporation do to mitigate these issues?

4. You are a part of Disney’s executive team. You propose developing a theme park in India to take advantage of India’s growing middle class and large population. However, you know there will be many barriers to overcome. For instance, Indian law has not always been favorable to foreign companies, and the average income of Indian consumers is less than American or French consumers. Develop a plan to describe what steps you will take to research potential barriers in India and recommendations for how to overcome them.

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