Select one learning outcome from your program of study. Then, select two graded artifacts (i.e., written assignments, projects, papers, discussion posts, or responses) that you feel best demonstrate your mastery of the selected program outcome.

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Select one learning outcome from your program of study. Then, select two graded artifacts (i.e., written assignments, projects, papers, discussion posts, or responses) that you feel best demonstrate your mastery of the selected program outcome.

Learning Outcome selected: Exhibit culturally diverse standards in working professionally with individuals, groups, and communities who represent various cultural and personal backgrounds.

Utilizing the feedback you received on these artifacts from your instructor as well as the things you have learned since submitting this work, revise and expand on these artifacts to create polished and corrected examples that you can add to your portfolio.

· Utilize track changes to make additions, corrections, and changes to your work in order for the instructor to review the changes that were made.

· Add two additional professional and current resources to support and improve your artifacts.



Graded artifact one:

Resistance to change refers to the practice of opposing or not in agreement with the transformations or modifications that change the status quo. The resistance is capable of manifesting itself within a single employee or the entire organization. Resistance to change happens to be the unwillingness to adapt into circumstances that are altered. It might either be overt or covert, individual or organized. The employees might realize they do not want or are not ready for the change hence have a public resistance. This can turn out to be quite disruptive.

There are several issues that might cause change resistance. These include:

Job loss – this tends to be a key reason as to why employees fail to be in support of change in an organization. Within any company, there will always be things that will be moving as well as changing. This is regardless of it being due to importance of additional efficiency, turnaround times that are better, or the essence of the workers to operate smarter. With all these necessities, there is always an opportunity for the firm to either create extra jobs or downsize. This is when the job loss dear creeps in. Another reason is poor engagement as well as communication. Basically, communication is crucial as it gets to solve every challenge. However, when there is no communication, it leads to lots of ills. This is a significant cause as to why workers tend to oppose any change. The manner in which the change process gets to be communicated to the workers is very crucial as it determines their reactions(Darmawan and Azizah, 2020, January).

If the entire process of change is not in a position to be elaborately communicated, then it is obvious that resistance will be available. The employees are supposed to be well informed as to why the change is necessary for the company as well as understand the benefits that come with the change. The third factor is absence of trust. Trust us perceived to be a very important took when it comes to operating a business that is successful. Within any institutions that tend to have lots of trust within the management, the company mainly experiences quite minimal resistance to change. The presence of mutual mistrust in between the employees and the management results into thefirm experiencing a spiral they is downward. Therefore, trust is very paramount.

There is poor timing. Practically, timing is considered to be among the major challenges when dealing with the issue of change. Lots of time, the act is not the one that results into the creation of resistance, but the manner in which plus when it gets to be delivered. Organizations are supposed to engage the workers who are opposing the change. Through this, they are able to actively understand their concerns as well as probably alleviate the challenge within a timely manner.


Darmawan, A. H., & Azizah, S. (2020, January). Resistance to change: Causes and strategies as an organizational challenge. In 5th ASEAN Conference on Psychology, Counselling, and Humanities (ACPCH 2019) (pp. 49-53). Atlantis Press. (Links to an external site.)


Feedback from graded artifact one: Make sure you are following APA formatting in the development of posts and reference lists. If you have a reference or references list then citations should be included within the post. It is important to recognize the different ways that organizations can support their employees. People who feel valued are more likely to work hard and stay devoted tho their employer. The discussions can truly help in developing an understanding of the topics. I hope you are seeing the value in the discussion forum in growing our understanding of the topics each week.


Graded artifact two:

Topic Julia Lopez is the leader of a family-owned grocery store in a large metropolitan area. Lopez is the general manager of the store owned by her parents who have retired. She has two younger brothers who support her and serve in management roles. The family firm employs five full-time employees who perform inventory and stocking duties and 15 part-time cashiers. The store has a loyal neighborhood following, and employees know many of the customers on a first-name basis.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Julia has experienced a staffing shortage of cashiers in the past year. Because of this she has decided to move to a cashier-less system for customer purchases that will require both technology changes and changes in the service interactions between customers and employees. She has asked you to help her figure out how to approach this situation and what her role is in leading this change.


Response: Julia’s role should be to communicate the change with the employees early as well as frequently. This is of paramount importance when attempting to convey information to the staff. The management is supposed to ensure there is a continuous conversation in between the C-Suite plus the employees in general on the daily happenings of the organization, in addition to what is to be encountered later in the future. The most appropriate action that Julia and the management team can take is being truthful, straightforward as well as timely with the major changes in the organization. The intranets plus emails are considered to be perfect tools to use. This enables the workers to make inquiries and continue to be informed (Vos and Rupert, 2018). She has to give a clear explanation as why the needed change is a perfect idea. Through assisting the staff to understand better the significance of the change for the firm, it becomes easier to have them board the change, while encouraging them to be advocates for change

Improvement plus innovation are factors taking place on a day to day basis. With the new suggestions and ideas, there exists ways to advance the operations of an organization.This to a great extent, affects the manner in which employees perceive the management of change in the place of work. The manner in which Julia will have the change communicated will have a great impact on the degree of resistance to change that will occur. If the change reasons will be communicated wholeheartedly, it is evident the conviction will become contagious and the process will be successful. Hesitancy would undermine this change process.



Vos, J. F., & Rupert, J. (2018). Change agent’s contribution to recipients’ resistance to change: A two-sided story. European management journal, 36(4), 453-462. (Links to an external site.)




Feedback for graded artifact two: . With each discussion response to peers consider how you can utilize citations, research, and other information to expand upon what they began with their post. Remember that if you are providing a reference list then an appropriate citation must also be included. Additionally, continue to develop your posts and engagement with your peers each week in developing the topics fully. You did well posting your video and transcript. There are many ways to address this process, so organizations must determine what works best for their structure and people. Keep up the hard work and stay focused as we near the end of the course.

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