Research Paper on a modern topic pertaining to witchcraft, heresy, magic, religion, etc.

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Final paper will be a short research paper that may include course materials. The point of
the paper is for you to showcase your understanding and engagement of course materials, to
demonstrate that you have performed outside research, and finally that you have the ability to
compose and execute an academic paper. The paper will be on a topic of one’s own choosing
that has been approved by the instructor. Any paper that has not been approved first by the
instructor will receive the grade of zero. The paper must pertain to witchcraft or heresy either in
the historical period covered in class, in a relevant way to a more contemporary issue, or a
student may choose to write on the problematic nature of religious categories such as “religion,”
“magic,” “witchcraft,” and “heresy.” The paper will be no less than six full pages (cover page
and bibliography not included) and no more than nine pages in length. There must be an introduction paragraph with thesis. Must use
five academic sources external to the materials used in the course.

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