Report #8 Assignment 8

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Hi, Ace, Your next assignment:

The International Logistics Conference is coming up in a few months. Elephant L&SC Consultants has always participated and presented a paper which increase our stature in the eyes of the industry and potential clients. You are being assigned the task to write a paper and then be prepared to present it. First, let’s focus on the paper and the topic to be presented: Balanced Scorecard versus Logistics Key Performance Indicators.

Quite often, we are asked by some of our clients to develop a BSC so they can utilize a regular dashboard for measuring performance. As is often the case, there are other key performance indicators (KPI’s) that should be utilized beyond the traditional BSC. And we often have to go into a complicated discussion with clients to move them towards adapting the BSC to include other logistics KPI’s to provide a well-balanced Balanced Scorecard. We think that a well-written paper that covers this topic can be very useful. And that is your assignment. We hope to use this to develop a white paper that we can provide to clients and prospects.

Your Deliverable: a report that provides a review of the traditional Balanced Scorecard and also identifies logistics/SC Key Performance Indicators. Discuss why and how to include these other KPI’s to adapt the scorecard to specific logistic companies to make it more effective. Be sure to cover transportation, warehousing, and inventory as well as the five types of performance. Also to be included is discussion of how to design and implement these measures.

Be sure to use APA format for any citations and references you use in the report.

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