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Ways in Which Population Health Focus Is Applied in Transforming the Health Care Delivery System

Population health is an important tool that allows clinicians the chance to address a number of shortcomings within the United States health care system. The systems often spend a significant percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP) on providing support for the health care sector of a nation and its populace. However, the population health system occasionally lags others in matters associated with life expectancy as well as the prevention of chronic illnesses. Population health presents significant implications towards health care delivery systems.

The process of concentrating on the health of an entire population happens to be a crucial part in the advancement of medical care in addition to research (Shahzad et al., 2019). The department is relevant since it concentrates on improving clinical treatment processes from specific groups through the promotion of better patient results as well as lessened expenses incurred during delivering services. Health care delivery systems refer to the organization of individuals, institutions, in addition to resources designed to facilitate the delivery of health care services and meeting the health demands of a target population.

The prospects of population health have been an imperative part of the evolution process of the healthcare industry in the past years and continue to influence significant growth (Mercer et al., 2018). An imperative part of population health that has an impact on the future of a field involves comprehending populations based on specific health care systems. One way that focusing on population health is applicable in the transformation of the health care delivery system is through promoting population health via a value-based purchasing mechanism. An efficient way of encouraging transitions towards service quality is through launching four initial value-based programs. The models represent a part of Medicare that has greater strategies of improving the value of medical services delivered for participants.

The transition incorporated in the implementation of a value-based care is another relevant way that concentrating on population health may be applicable in the transformation of health care delivery systems. A value-based care system is essential since it rewards providers for their efforts involved in working together to coordinate treatments and administering appropriate services. The system is also relevant in the process of improving general population health. Over time, the industry has witnessed instances whereby insurers continue to focus their reimbursements on care providers and the quality of treatment instead of factors such as quantity. Identifiable positive results from the value-based programs appear to have caused ignition in the model to influence the largest form of change.


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