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The first example of deterrence I came across was a magnet that read, “Drive sober or get pulled over.” This is an example of the certainty element of deterrence because they are trying to say if you drive a car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there is a high chance you will be pulled over. Once you get pulled over and caught while driving under the influence there are many consequences you can face such as fines, loss of driver’s license and even jail time. These things are examples of specific deterrence because they are meant to prevent the driver from committing another offense. I feel this example is effective because it is very straight forward with telling you what not to do and what will happen if you do.

The second example I came across was the ADT security sign in my front lawn. This would be an example of the swiftness element of punishment because unlike breaking into a house without an alarm system, the cops will be notified right away and will be there within minutes. They then will be able to punish the suspects right away since they would catch them in the act. The sign is supposed to scare people to not break into the house because they are more likely to get caught. I believe this is an effective example of deterrence because someone is not going to break into a house if they know the cops will be contacted right away.

Drive sober or get pulled overADT security sign


I am for shame based punishment practices such as the Judge used in the video. Informal deterrence that stems from family, friends, and the community has been shown to be more effective that formal sanctions from law enforcement. jail, and courts. If formal and informal deterrence are combined the deterrent effect should be increased. The formal deterrence occurs from law enforcement, and the courts. The informal deterrence occurs from the shame of having punishment public. The loss of friends, family, and community will be certain to an offender that has repeated a crime they were punished for in the public eye making shame based punishment an effective deterrent.

For most individuals in society we don’t want to risk losing relationships with people or losing our jobs. According to the rational choice theory informal factors consistently and strongly influence behavior. People will weigh the benefits and penalties when considering whether to commit a crime. If people have to consider both formal and informal methods of punishment as a method of deterrence then the deterrent effect will be greater.

A man shot his wife in the hand during a fight. This man would be a good candidate for shame based punishment. The formal sanctions of being arrested and going to court are a deterrence. The informal sanctions this man would face from other family, friends, and the community could occur long after the man served his possible jail sentence. Other family may not associate with the man specifically when he was upset. His employer may not allow domestic violence offenders to be employed. This type of informal deterrence would seem to be effective for an employed married man and make the offender a good candidate for shame based punishment.

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