Reflection Paper Topic: Take the Jung Typology Test

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The reflection paper is minimum of two (2) and a ½ pages (no more than four (4) pages) in length. Reflection papers should be written in APA format, including a title page, but no abstract is necessary. In addition, no outside sources are necessary.

Reflection Paper Topic:

Take the Jung Typology Test found at

This test looks at four dimensions of personality. It does not diagnose personality disorders; rather it looks at the varieties of normal personality. Each of these types has unique strengths and limitations. After receiving your “type”, run a Google search to locate additional, research-based analysis of your results. Next, report on the following:

1. What is your type? (Your type is the four letters used to describe you) (Note: In this test, people are divided into four temperaments (Guardian, Idealist, Artisan, Rational), and within each temperament, there are 4 types, so there 16 types in


2. Briefly describe what you found interesting about your personality type. What are the strengths and limitations related to your personality type? Do these resonate with you? Give specific examples.

3. At the bottom of the description for your type, click on “Careers: Best job fit for . . . .” Here you will have a chance to read more about career fit for your type. What did you find useful in reading about careers and your personality type? How well does your desired career fit to those suggested by your personality description?

Grading Rubric:

– Answers all questions asked in a clear, comprehensive and accurate

manner, integrating analysis and personal reflection

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