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Your reflection paper must be a minimum of four pages long, double spaced, with one inch margins and 12 point font. Answer the questions in full sentences (no bullet points) and don’t repeat the questions in your paper. Also, if you are quoting from the chapters, you must put it in quotation marks. No other citation is necessary for this paper and you don’t need a cover sheet.

For this reflection paper, I’m going to have you do something different. Instead of answering a series of questions I want you to read Chapters Three and Five by Fareed Zakaria and respond to the following two prompts.

  1. Chapter Three: After reading the two articles look at the actions of the various government leaders and officials talked about in the article and discuss which if any of them are following classical liberalism, either in terms of government or the economy, which of them are following modern liberalism, either in terms of government or the economy and if any of them following natural law. Be specific and explain your answers and cite page numbers for your conclusions on this.
  2. Chapter Five: Look at the opening up of democracy, as described by Zakaria on page 166, and discuss whether this is an example of classical or modern liberalism or libertarianism and why you answer that way. Trace the changes he is talking about in the US and show why it fits that type of liberalism/libertarianism and explain if this good or is a problem. Answer that by looking at how both modern and classical liberalism would have looked at it.

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