Recruitment, Interviewing, and Selection Plan

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Congratulations! You were successful in changing the CEO’s requested
requirements for the new position of a Claims Supervisor. Now it’s time
to begin your plan for filling the position.

Since you are new to
the role of Human Resource Manager, and this is the first position you
will be hiring for with the company, your CEO wants to approve your
recruitment and selection plan. You need to decide what job analysis
method to use for the new position that is being created. Then you will
conduct a brief job analysis to create the job description.

As the
Human Resource Manager for Premium Auto Insurance, it is your role and
responsibility to ensure you are recruiting where and as you should be
for the most qualified potential applicants. It is equally your role and
responsibility to ensure proper recruitment and selection techniques.

in a minimum 4 page report, address the following:

  • Explain what job evaluation method you are going to use to determine the worth of this position.
  • Describe how the position that is being created ties back to the organization’s mission and goals.
  • Discuss why diversity is important within an organization and what diverse qualities you will be looking for in candidates applying for this position.
  • Continue by creating the job description. Be sure to include the descriptive header, the summary, the major functions, and then the job-specifications.
  • Include an APA formatted title page and reference page with at least 2 credible sources. Make sure to include APA in-text citations for any information used from outside sources.

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