read three article then answer 3 questions in 4-7 sentences

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Respond to the following questions in complete sentences using academic English to the best of your ability. Be sure to answer all parts of the question and use evidence from the text to support your claims. I recommend writing 4-7 sentences per question.


Describe the influence of outside cultures in China according to Fred Strebeigh’s essay The Wheels of Freedom: Bicycles in China. Use three specific examples that demonstrate to support your claims.


The essay Saudis in Bikinis presents contrasting interpretations of women’s use of the abaya in Saudi Arabia. Describe the author’s stance and the reaction he received while in Saudi Arabia, using at least three examples from the text.


Describe recent regulations in France toward “burkinis” and the response that was prompted, according to the article French ‘Burkini’ Bans Provoke Backlash as Armed Police Confront Beachgoers, using three examples from the text.

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