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If we generally assume that workers compensation law requires an
injured worker to be able to state the date, time and cause of his/her
accident, then why do we not do this for repetitive trauma injuries (RTI), such
as carpal tunnel syndrome?

“Answers “

RTI are different because they may be pre-existing
and thus, we only accept injuries of those employees who get injured when
working for us.

We do not require employees to tell us when they
are injured if they have a RTI.

If an employee cannot tell us the date and
roughly the time of their RTI, then they cannot get benefits under workers

RTI are different, because we basically look at
when the RIT becomes a disabling event, meaning when the employee can no longer
do their job – that is the date of injury for purposes of workers compensation.

2) What is the difference between an accident
and a disease, for purposes of workers compensation?

The terms disease and accident are no longer
mutually exclusive. In most states, any disease is compensable if it follows as
a natural consequence of any injury which has qualified independently as

A disease occurs over time and an accident must
have been a sudden, unexpected, or violent event resulting in an injury.

Both A and B

None of above

3) Infectious diseases are deemed accidents when?

They are due to a scratch or through unexpected
or abnormal exposure to infection.

There was an intentional exposure by the

They were sexually transmitted.

None of above

All above

4) In most states, the workers compensation
benefits for an occupational disease are ?

Significantly different than occupational

Significantly higher than an occupational injury
because most of these diseases, like black lung, are incurable.

The same as any other kind of disability.

None of Above

5)In most states, carpal tunnel syndrome is
still considered a disease rather than an accident.

True or false?

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