Purpose and Expectations of Practicum

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  • Using your responses as a guide and given what you know about yourself and how you learn, what types of assistance, guidance, or structure would help you lower your defenses and be open to learning in the areas that cause you some level of anxiety, worry, or concern (e.g. demonstrations, shadowing, reading client records, watching videos)?
  • How will you communicate these needs to your field instructor?
  • You will be spending 450 hours in your practicum setting. In anticipation and preparation of this, what factors will impact your motivation, capacity, and opportunity to learn? Describe actions you need to take to reduce or eliminate factors that may inhibit your ability to maximize your motivation, capacity, and opportunity to learn while in practicum (e.g. self-check and attitudinal shift so do not personalize feedback, access support network in order to minimize distractions and competing roles from other parts of your life).

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