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1. Is the language sample below characteristic of an individual with Broca’s Aphasia or Wernicke’s Aphasia? Explain your answer by giving 3 different reasons for your choice. (4 points)

Clinician: “Why did you come to the hospital today?”

Patient: “I’m awful nervous, your know, once in a while I get caught up, I can’t mention the tarripoi, a month ago, quite a little, I’ve done a lot well, I had to run around, look it over, trebbin, and all that sort of stuff.”

2. Broca’s area is in the __________ lobe, and Wernickes’ area is in the __________ lobe. (2 points)

3. What are two different ways to determine which hemisphere is responsible for language functions in a given individual? (2 points)

4. True or False: For most right-handed individuals language is localized to the left hemisphere, while for most left-handed individuals language is localized to the right hemisphere. (1 point)

5. True or False: Using event-related potential (ERP) studies, it has been found that the brain responds in the same way when an individual encounters a sentence with a syntax error as a sentence with a semantic error. (1 point)

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