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  • Onsite Application (Form) UZAIR
    • Use of personal Technology (Phones/Apps/Tablets)
      • Implementation of a change in company policy that will allow the use of personal technology will increase the freedom of movement and work of our employees within the company’s grounds which will make work easier and more convenient.

Basically the assignment is to write a proposal to the CEO you have to pretend you are an HR manager and what you can propose to help improve the company. This is a 6 page paper and I am responsible for constructing the middle of it so there doesn’t need to be an intro or conclusion. I just need the meat of the paper. My section is posted above and you gotta write like how use of personal technology can help the company with millenials and what not. I will be turning in a rough draft in a couple days then need revisions that my teacher iwll tell me tom ake,

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