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For this assignment, remember the following:

  1. The length should be 1,500 (minimum) to 2,000 (maximum) words for the main body of the paper (excluding cover, executive summary, bibliography and other non-essential materials).
  2. It should be written as a professional business paper in essay format using APA format.
  3. Please take advantage of spelling and grammar checking.
  4. Provide at least 3 references and citations using
    reputable sources such as recognized business publications or websites.
    In addition, you may refer to the organization’s web site for
    information. Please include the references and sources at the end of the paper.
  5. Please abide by our university’s policy on plagiarism. This is a good site to review: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  6. You can be creative about the format of the paper, but a basic outline can include (but is not required):
    1. Title page
    2. Abstract / Executive Summary
    3. Introduction
    4. Main Body
    5. Analysis / Current Situation
    6. Improvement Suggestions (If you are the project manager, what you would do differently?)
    7. Conclusion
    8. Bibliography

Paraphrasing. Zero plagiarism.

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