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Assist the student on understanding on how an organization handle the work related issues and its impacts to the organization.


1. describe the importance of leadership and identify the skills of a leader.

2. learning the importance of motivation to achieve the organization goal.

3. understand how to manage organization change that exist within the organization

* The organization that should be used is ( Oman Air ) . You can either select a department in that organization or look at the organization as a whole. Prepare a report that covers the following.

1. Motivation

a. how are the employees motivated to perform better?

b. which motivational approaches are used?

c. which of the used motivational approaches are most effective and why?

2. Leadership

a. what leadership style is used by the manager?

b. is the used leadership style effective for the department to perform its its functions and why?

3. Change Management

a. what kind of changes are happening within the organization and its environment?

b. how are such changes managed?

this is how the report body should be:

* cover page

*table of content

* introduction indicate the objectives of the report, briefly describes structure of the repot ( Maximum 2 pages)

* discussion: description, discussion, explanation and analysis of the questions.

*conclusion: that reveals main findings regarding the questions and recommendation.

* references : harvard style between 8 to 10 references.

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