Preparing for Project 2: Questions for Qi and Roe

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Post Reading: Questions for Qi and Roe

  • Due by Thursday, 11:59pm


After you have read Qi and Roe and completed Annotation Worksheet and the other post reading activity, please answer the following questions.

To receive a complete, you must submit your responses on time. Please remember to answer in full sentences and be as detailed as possible. Your response should be around 500-600 words in total.


  1. Since we have spent some time in this unit looking at purpose, tone and audience, let’s get to these first. What do you think is the authors’ purpose for writing this text? Who are they writing to (intended audience)? How would you describe their tone?
  2. Explain how the difference in intended audience and purpose drive the authors’ tone and overall presentation to be different from what you saw in Allison and Royte, or even Stuart’s arguments?
  3. What three new pieces of information were you able to gather from this journal? How do they connect to your previous knowledge on the subject?
  4. Imagine that Stuart sat down with Qi and Roe for a discussion. What two questions do you think he would ask for these authors?

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