prepare a persuasive brief to court final on the jury instruction issue

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Client Matter Project: Persuasive Brief to Court – Final Instructions

To: Junior Attorney

From: Senior Attorney

RE: Jeffrey Bing Matter

As we are getting ready for the Jeffrey Bing trial, prepare a Persuasive Brief to Court – Final on the jury instruction issue. The Persuasive Brief should be entitled “Defendant’s Motion for Self-Defense Jury Instruction.” The Persuasive Brief to Court – Final must thoroughly analyze the issue identified in the Persuasive Brief to the Court – General Instructions document.

For the facts, you may use the Indictment and the Senior Attorney Memorandum to guide you. No other discovery will be conducted at this point, as discovery is now closed.

Within the Persuasive Brief to Court – Final, you must include 3 cases (judicial opinions) and 1 statute. These 3 cases must include the judicial opinion that the paralegal staff has already researched for you. You must also include the statute provided by the paralegal staff. If you find an additional statute that is relevant, you may also include that statute to support your analysis. This assignment must be in current Bluebook format.

The Persuasive Brief to Court – Final must be 6–8 pages and contain the following 5 sections:

  • Caption
  • Introduction
  • Statement of Facts
  • Argument
  • Conclusion

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