Powerpoint presntation

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10 slide powerpoint to study case

  • Provide an introduction to the case
  • Assess the major issues confronting Airbus
  • Discuss who benefits and who suffers from the alleged ethical/legal lapses of Airbus (see Question 1 from the case study)
  • Discuss how the PR staff at Airbus should respond to the articles in the various periodicals/journals (see Question 2 from the case study)
  • Recommend what steps Boeing should take to defend itself from this sort of competition (see Question 3 from the case study)
  • Provide a short conclusion briefly evaluating what you have learned about ethical practices in business (from your perspective)


  • Divide your presentation into sections with appropriate headings
    • Your presentation should be approximately 10 slides in length
    • Attach a cover slide and reference slide, referencing the case
    • When citing the case in text, be sure to use APA format
    • Use the Notes function to explain your slides and to cite the case

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