Politics Of Representation In Modern China, political science homework help

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The paper should be 8-page long, standard margins, 12-point font, double spaced.


  • How was class “represented” in the revolutionary movement (the process of class struggle and land reform)?
  • What functions did class serve in the post-liberation political culture and how successful were they in shaping a younger generation’s ideological perspective of the world?
  • You should draw on all elements of the course: readings, lectures, and Wang Shuibo’s film (only 29 mins, be sure to watch it).
  • Make sure you distinguish between quoting and paraphrasing and cite your sources in each case. Citations can be simply the author’s name plus page number).
  • No plagiarism!!!

I will upload readings and lectures later. Be sure to focus on the prompt, show integration of the course materials as much as possible, and use only the materials I provided. Do no use any other outside sources.

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