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  1. Find an example (article, image podcast, news coverage, YouTube video, etc) of any of the concepts of comparative politics we covered in this course that you come across in your daily life.
  2. Attach a copy of your example to the assignment. This can be a copy of an image or article, or if you use a film, tv show, lecture, or anything else that is not easily saved into document form, please attach a reasonable facsimile (i.e. For a movie, you could include a link to the cover IMDB-page, for a lecture you could include a link to the sponsoring department, for a song the lyrics or music, etc.)
  3. Write a 2-3-page (about 800 words) explanation of why it represents or links to class themes. See below for a more detailed description of what the paper should look like and the grading rubric.
  4. In your explanation of why it represents or links to class themes you must discuss at least one reading or video from the course.

Grading Rubric: The class-life-link is worth 10% of your grade.

I will be grading you on a scale of 100. Points will be determined as follows:

30 pts: Write up that is clear, copy-edited, and organized.

It should explain what the clipping is about (approx. 1 paragraph), how it relates to the themes in the class (approx. 1-3 paragraphs), and how it connects to a reading or video from the course (approx. 1-3 paragraphs).

20 pts: You include the copy of, or link to your example.

50 pts: You successfully link your example to the course.

The best papers will focus on only one reading or video and draw clear connections between the example and the reading/video. Using more than one reading/video tends to dilute the strength of your argument and prevents you from really examining and explaining how your example relates to the course.

Important Note:

-Proofread and edit your assignment before handing it in.

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