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Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:


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Many professional organizations have used media to promote health policy agendas. Every state is different in regards to the nurse practitioner’s ability to practice their Full scope of practice. A lot of things have changed after Covid and the issues the patients have had been able to have primary care. Nurse Practitioners hold a specific role they can fill in the gaps for our patients. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are on the front lines of health care, using a patient-centered approach to provide quality care to people of all ages.  

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is educating the public and policymakers about the important roles NPs hold and the positive contributions NPs make to the health of our nation. Media campaigns are just a few examples of AANP’s outreach. In 2020, AANP launched a national multimedia campaign highlighting the work NPs are doing to ensure patients have access to quality care amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The “NPs Combat COVID” campaign includes a television commercial featuring photos and videos of real NPs working on the COVID-19 front lines. Also in this campaign is a website they can educate the patient about coronavirus and the NPs role. The website is (Media campaigns. American Association of Nurse Practitioners (n.d.). AANP has used social media and commercials to reach patients and educate them on the NP’s role. The more each state uses their nurse practitioners to fill in these gaps for our patients. The more that NPS can help patients.


Social media is a useful instrument for communication that enables connections and information sharing. Social media information influences about 75% of Americans who use the internet. Many people now use social media sites regularly, including healthcare professionals (Chen and Wang, 2021). Social networking is becoming more popular as a resource in healthcare. Healthcare practitioners are utilizing social media as an instructional tool. Social media may be a powerful instructional tool. While there is a belief that social media has a detrimental influence on productivity and efficiency, many organizations use it for program marketing, research dissemination, and teaching and training. Twitter® and other social media platforms have been employed in the instructional curriculum of medical training programs, boosting access to critical resources and topic expertise. Many renowned healthcare organizations and medical expert groups use a Twitter hashtag (#) chat to educate and discuss current and contentious issues with conference attendees, members, and others (Stellefson et al., 2020). Several organizations have established guidelines on how healthcare practitioners and institutions may utilize social media as a beneficial medium for marketing and sharing academic deliverables due to the influx of professional users and benefits to the target audience. Professional networking, professional education, organizational promotion, patient care, patient education, and public health campaigns are all examples of how social media is used in healthcare. As new clinical evidence becomes available, healthcare knowledge is always evolving. Cancer is one area of healthcare where social media has been used to raise public awareness, drive campaigns, and influence governmental decision-making. Social media is viewed as a helpful instrument by policymakers in the healthcare setting for increasing public involvement in developing and implementing policies to provide public services that satisfy society’s requirements (Charalambous, 2019). Social media can be an effective tool for healthcare education if used effectively and efficiently by healthcare organizations.


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