Personal Mini Case

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Reviewing past decisions is a useful tool to understand how we individually think about decisions. We will go through this exercise to evaluate one situation where we were faced with a tough choice. We will then remove the names and identifiers and discuss a few of them, anonymously, in class. It may change your personal thought process.

Basic Instructions

The basic instructions for this project are:

  • • One full page, double-spaced.
  • • Include a brief heading with your name, the project, professor, class time and due date.
  • • You should write this paper like you would write a business document, polished and error-free with a straightforward, clear style.

Detailed Requirements

Identify a time in your life (business, personal) when you were faced with an ethical dilemma and describe the specifics of that situation. You may omit stakeholder names and any other details if inclusion of those details would compromise the involved parties.

Conclude with the decision you had to make (not the decision itself – we will save that for later.) Why is this decision challenging?


This is a personal exercise and as such will have different answers for different people. Students will be evaluated based on effort and clarity.

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